Moises Mod APK Download (Latest Version) For Android, IOS, and Desktop Devices. This app allows users to customize and edit songs or music with few taps and completely change the composition of the audio.

Version: 2.30.0 | Size: 23 MB

Everyone likes to listen to music and Moises Mod Apk is one of the trending music apps based on the latest AI technology. The app offers customizable experience of listening to music and songs. It also helps musicians change the vocals, drums, guitar, and audio of the songs with just a few taps and totally change the song’s theme and rhythm.

Artificial Intelligence is the most advanced technology in modern days that can do anything. Nowadays, AI is heavily used in new music and Moises is an Android and IOS application for amateur and professional musicians. Moises Mod APK is an innovative application that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance and modify vocals, drums, and guitars in music. With this app, musicians and producers can achieve professional-level results in their compositions and customization of any music or song.

There are thousands of music apps available in the market today but there is no app like Moises for free music customization and enhancements. For everyone who wants to personalize their favorite music or song and make it even better then Moises is the perfect choice for them. Its advanced capabilities allow users to seamlessly edit and change their music compositions to achieve desired effects.

Moises Mod APK

Moises app is available for free on the google play store or app store. However, the free version of this app has very limited features. Moises Mod APK is the modified version of this app that enabled you to get access to all the premium features and tools of this app that help you to customize the song or music in a professional way. By leveraging artificial intelligence, It allows users to manipulate various aspects of a song’s arrangement, resulting in a dynamic and customizable listening experience.

Engaging with Moises opens up a world of possibilities in terms of creativity and musical expression. It is much more than any other normal music player application. You can easily convert your favorite music or song to your own taste like if you want to listen to the fast version or a slowed version of the song, you can use the song key feature in this app to adjust the speed of the song. After you’re done with all the customizations, click on the export button to save the file on your local device’s storage.

How to Use Moises Mod APK

First, you have to uninstall the original version of Moises and then follow our instructions given on this webpage to download and install Moises Mod APK. Once you have installed this app then open it and click on Create an account with the email then enter your email address and type a strong password. After that click on the sign-up button. Now, you are able to access all the features of this app. Simply, click on the plus icon to add new music or song to this app and upload any song you have downloaded on your device and start editing it.

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Moises Premium Mod APK

Features of Moises Mod APK

Here are some of the exciting features of Moises Mod Apk that make it stand out from the rest:

Adjust Background Music

The app allows users to adjust the music of any song so if you want to listen only to the background music of the song then you can completely cut the singer’s voice from the song or if you only want to listen to the singer’s voice then you can cut all the background music, guitars, piano, drums, and other musical instruments with this app.


Trim Song or Music

You don’t need to use other applications to trim the song. Just tap on the settings icon and then click on the trim option then you can easily trim the song you have already selected. Adjust the part you want to trim and you can also play the song so that you can properly trim the part you wanted and then go back because the trimmed music will be saved automatically.

AI Chords Detection

The AI of this app is smart enough to automatically manage Chords but if you are a professional and want to manage Chords by yourself then just swipe lift or right in the Chords bar to change it. Chords are very important to make a song better and they provide structure and support to the overall musical composition by creating harmony and adding depth. In simpler terms, chords are a combination of multiple notes played simultaneously to produce a specific sound or mood. Chords can be played on various instruments, such as guitar, piano, or even by vocalists. Understanding chords is fundamental in music theory and composition as they enable musicians to create beautiful melodies and rich harmonies.

Easy to Use

There is nothing much changed in terms of the user interface of this Mod APK. it looks exactly the same as the original version of this app. Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a sleek and modern design that immediately catches the eye. The main screen displays various options and features, allowing users to easily navigate through different functionalities. The main content area showcases the current project or audio file being worked on. Here, users can view waveforms for individual tracks and make adjustments accordingly. At the bottom of the screen, there is a menu bar that provides quick access to important sections such as “Music Library,” “Uploads,” and “My Profile,”. This ensures that users can swiftly switch between different areas of the app without any hassle.

Smart Metronome

Turn on the smart metronome in this app which is a tool used to keep a steady tempo or beat. It produces regular, precise ticks or beeps at a specific tempo, helping musicians maintain consistent timing and rhythm. After selecting a music or song, click on the music icon in the bottom right corner, and then a popup will open from where you can enable or disable the smart metronome. They can be mechanical devices with a swinging pendulum or digital devices with adjustable tempos.

Create Your Profile

When you launch Moises Mod Apk on your device for the very first time then you have to create a new account so tap on the signup with email option and enter all the information to create a new account on this app. After that, you will receive a confirmation link on your email so tap on it to verify your email address and then your profile has been created. Go to the settings of this app and click on account info to see all the details of your profile and your account id.

Audio Separation

After uploading any song or music to this app, you will be asked to choose the audio separation. There are many options for 3 tracks and 5 tracks from which you can choose the one as per your requirements and then you can edit your audio in your selected audio separation.

Export Audio

After you have done with all the editing with your song or music and you want to release it in MP3 format then simply click on the export button and then tap on the save to device button and now you have two options ‘separate tracks’ and ‘audio mix’, so click on any option as per your need and then you can finally save your customized song or music in MP3 or M4A audio format.


Download Moises Mod APK Latest Version 2024

NameMoises Mod APK
Apk Size23 MB
GenreMusic & Audio
Offered ByMoises Systems
System RequirementsAndroid 7.0 and up
Total Installs10 Million +
update Last Update (Today)

How to Download Moises Mod APK For Android

In order to get access to the full version of Moises, you have to download the modified version application, so follow the steps given below very profoundly to successfully download and install Moises Mod APK on Android devices.

Download Moises Mod APK

Step 1: First of all, you have to download the APK file from the link we have provided above on this webpage so tap on the download button and download the file on your device.

Step 2: Once, you have got the APK file then you can move forward to the installation process. But Before you have to enable Unknown Sources to install the app from third-party sources.

Step 3: Go to the settings of your phone, scroll down and tap on “Security” or “Privacy & Security,” depending on your device. Look for the option labeled “Unknown Sources” and tap on it to enable it.

Step 4: Open the file manager of your device and locate the folder where you have saved the Moises Mod APK file and click on it.

Step 5: Tap on the install button and then wait until the app is installed successfully then open the app.

Step 6: After the app opens allow the necessary permissions to make it work and you’re good to go!

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Moises Premium APK

How to Convert Any Song to a Slowed and Reverb Song Using Moises

People love to listen to slowed and reverb versions of any popular song. If you want to create a slowed version of any of your favorite songs then you don’t need any special equipment. Now, it has become very easy to slowed any song using Moises. This app has a feature called song key which you can use to slowed and reverb any song in just a few seconds. You only need to swipe left after opening the song key features and that’s it your special slowed and reverb song has been created.

Follow the step given below for more clarifications:

  • Open Moises Mod APK and click on the plus icon and upload any song.
  • Now, click on the music icon placed in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the (-) icon several times or swipe left to create slowed and reverb version of the song.

Moises For IOS

Moises is available for Android as well as IOS devices. This app can be downloaded for free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Pro devices. It comes with exactly the same interface and all the features like AI Audio Separation, Smart Metronome, AI Key Detection, and Pitch Changer are easily accessible.

Moises For PC (Windows/MAC)

if you want to customize your song or music in a professional way then must download the Moises application on your PC. Using this app on a bigger screen makes it easy to utilize all the features and tools of this app properly. Moises Mod Apk For PC is the modified version that you can easily download from our website and get access to the premium account without spending money.

Moises App Alternatives

There may be many vocals remover or music customizer applications for musicians but Moises is the market leader with over 10 Million installs on Google Play Store. Here are some of the best alternatives of Moises that you can try if you don’t want to use the Moises app or explore other options.

  • Spleeter
  • Splitter.AI
  • PhonicMind
  • Mutedrums

Moises Mod APK System Requirements

The updated version of Moises Mod Apk is very well optimized and it consumes very less processing power but there are some minimum requirements that your devices must have to make this application work properly without any lag.

Operating SystemAndroid 7.0
CPUQuad Core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A75

How to Create An Account on Moises

To use Moises, you must have an account on this app. It is a very easy and straightforward process to create an account of Moises. When you open the app, you will see four login options, so you can sign in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or continue with your email address. Click on any options to create an account. Once you have created an account then you will be redirected to the main dashboard of this app from where you can upload music and start customizing your own music. If you’re interested in AI technologies then we recommend our visitors to also check out Luma AI which is another great AI tool for photographers and filmmakers.

Advantages of Using Moises Mod APK

Moises is an extremely helpful AI tool that is used to customize songs or music like a professional. Let’s take a deep dive into the advantages of this advanced AI-based music editor application.

  • AI Implementation: This app heavily uses artificial intelligence to enhance its capabilities and make it easy for users to customize and edit the song or music.
  • Music Separation Capability: If you want to cut the singer’s voice and only want the music of any song then simply reduce the vocals to zero and now you will only listen to the background music of the song.
  • Real-time Processing: When you made any changes to the song or music, all the changes apply in real-time so that you can listen to the song and judge the changes you have made is good or bad.
  • Constant Updates and Improvements: Moises continuously improves and updates its features and interface to make it better with every update.

Disadvantages of Using Moises Mod APK

Undoubtedly, several features in this app still need some improvement and there are many bugs in this app. However, AI improves itself automatically over time but there are many drawbacks that need to be considered.

  • No Office Support: When you use the Moises modded version application then you can not expect any official support.
  • Delay in Update: Moises Mod Apk update its latest version within 24 to 48 hours as its original application update arrives.
  • Limitations: The free version of the Moises app comes with many restrictions and very basic features are accessible.
  • Expensive: The premium version of Moises is quite costly for many people, especially students. Moises Premium cost $39.99 per year.

User Reviews

Roger Wood This app is very helpful to me. The accuracy of vocal separation in this app is commendable. There are a lot of songs on female voice and I use this app to separate vocals to substitute my male voice. I’m completely satisfied with the results I got with this app. I can change the key and have full control of background music which allows me to fully personalize the song. However, i found some bugs in this app but over time they are improving the services and quickly fixing all the bugs making it a powerful tool.

Suresh Gupta Hello! I’m a YouTuber and I have a music channel where is share slowed and reverb versions of popular songs. I was looking for a mobile application to customize and edit songs or music and my friend suggested me to try Moises. This app is very good and it has all the features which I wanted and after using this app for a while, I can create much better slowed and reverb versions of songs than using complicated computer software on which I’ve wasted a lot of time learning its functions.

Henrique da Cunha Honestly, this is pretty fantastic. I can listen and edit the song at the same time and make sure all the changes I have made work well or not in real-time. The app allows you to remove vocals, bass, guitar, drums, etc with a few taps. This is a very helpful app for musicians and vocalists. It is very close to creating studio-quality effects. I was able to slow down the song and it work very well and I can also remove vocals from the song completely and got incredible results.

Nyoman Hadi Moises utilizes AI properly and this is the best music editor app I have ever seen. This app is very easy to use even a non-tech-savvy person can easily learn all the features in a few days and become an expert in using this app. I found some minor problems with the smart metronome feature with some of my songs. But still one of the best practicing tools for musicians or music enthusiasts. I would like to give this app 4.5 out of 5.0.


Is Moises a Paid App?

Moises is a free-to-download app but if you want to unlock all the features of this app then you have to purchase its premium version.

How to Download Moises Mod APK on IOS?

Moises Mod Apk for IOS is available on many sources on the internet from where you can download it without spending any money.

Is it Safe to Download Moises Premium Mod APK?

Yes, Moises Mod Apk Premium Unlocked app is 100% safe and secure for Android/IOS devices. There is no malware or malicious code found in this app.

Is Moises Compatible With All Android Devices?

Moises works on all devices that come with Android 7.0 or above.

is Moises Available for PC?

Yes, Moises App is available for desktop devices and you can easily download it from the official website (Moises.AI).

What to Do When Moises Mod Apk Not Working?

If you install Moises Mod Apk but the app does not open then hold on the ap icon and click on app info then select storage and clear the cache then relaunch the app. Even after that, it is not working then try older version of this app.

Why Moises Mod Apk is Better?

As of now, Moises is the most advanced music customizer application for mobile devices and it uses AI and machine learning technology to add special features that makes it superior.

What is the Cost of Moises Premium Subscription?

If you want to upgrade Moises free version to its premium version then there is two plan available. The monthly subscription cost $3.99 and the yearly subscription cost $39.99.

Does Moises Mod Apk Show Ads?

No, the modified version of Moises is completely ad free. There will be no advertisement so you can totally focus on your music or song without being interrupted by ads.

Can I Use Moises to Edit Music for Commercial Purposes?

We suggest checking out Moises’s official ‘Acceptable Use and Fair Usage Policy‘ for better understanding and complete information.


I hope you enjoy Moises Mod APK which is the most popular artificial intelligence-based tool for musicians and music lovers. Customize any song with just a few taps and change the experience of listening to music. Moises Premium Mod Apk provides paid features of this app for free that allows users to edit songs or music in a professional way.

After installing this modded app on your device, if you want to check whether this app has premium features or not then simply click on the settings icon on the top right corner of this app and click on account info and here you can see ‘Premium’ written in the license section which means that your account is being updated to its premium version.

There are multiple versions of Moises Premium Mod APK shared on our website ( so that you can easily get the version compatible with your device. Bookmark this webpage to get access to further updates of this app instantly.


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